This is just a list of some of the projects I have worked on previously, and some that I may be working on still. I'll have a contact page up soon, so you can talk to me if you'd like. Thanks for looking.




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Heritage Gallery is a website that showcases artists, local and from all over the world, that is based in Andalusia, Alabama. I built this website using Joomla and RocketTheme's RokGallery. The template style is custom to the client's liking, and is built with RocketTheme's Gantry framework.


928 Registry is a website aiming to collect as much information as possible about every 928 in existence in the world. The website was originally created by Chuck Zachman in the early 2000's during his search for his perfect 928. Early in 2013, the 928 Owners Club was given the rights to maintain the site. We have been working to create an excellent Web 2.0 website that will allow the users to be the masters of the data. This plan had many issues, not limited to the fact that users could remove data from cars with malicious intent. Through careful planning, the '928 Registry Committee', formed to maintain the database, created a set of guidelines that will allow the site to keep the data open for editing by the owners of the cars while maintaining a high quality data. Version control allows for comparing the before and after of edits, and reverting any changes that are unacceptable. The database is highly navigable with compoundable filters and sorting, and searching of selected fields. The website is running on Joomla with Cobalt as the CCK, and RocketTheme's Gantry framework was used to create the custom template style.


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Thrumble! is a project I began with the 928 Owners Club in the summer of 2013. It was the second major InDesign project I worked on. The project began as a newsletter, and by completion of the first issue it had grown to a magazine. During the creation of the third issue I began taking classes at the University of South Alabama, and I no longer had the time to create the full magazine layout. Now, Thrumble! is once again a newsletter, and is maganged with MailChimp.


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