The intake is finally off! The water bridge and oil filler neck are removed as well. I've got a lot of rubber hoses to replace, at least one spark plug boot and probably all of the spark plug wires. Up next is removal of the cam covers and powder coating it all. More pictures below!

The intake to head gaskets were in awful shape on the head side, but were in excellent shape on the intake side. The intake side was mated to the factory powder coated surface, whereas the head side was bare metal, I wonder if that mattered. I was surprised at how clean the inside of the intake was. And, for that matter, every internal surface I have been able to see has been immaculate, especially for a twenty-five year old engine. Even the injectors have virtually no buildup on them!

The injectors were extremely hard to remove. I could get them out with just my hands. I soaked the dried up gaskets with PB Blaster for a few minutes, but still couldn't get them out. I had to carefully pull them out with my trusty Great Neck bent jaw pliers.