It seems that not everyone has mechanical sympathy, especially some of the previous owners of this car. Deck screws were the weapon of choice whenever something was broken. When they took the belly pans off, they must've decided that they were optional, as I don't have any. The rear spoiler was attached with deck screws. And, the AC compressor bracket is bent and has a zip-tie on it for some unknown reason. The driver's door panel was being held together with Gorilla Glue and deck screws. And one of the best parts, if it has screws in it that you can't find, just pull really hard and it will come off, they did that to the passenger side of the console carpeted panels. The car muct have lived on a red-clay dirt-road for a while, as the undercarriage is red, and muddy.

But, all of this can be fixed, it will just take a lot of cleaning, some new parts, lots of patience, and even more time.