It was filthy...

It has taken me a while, but the results are amazing. A lot of TLC has gone a long way on the interior. You find some really strange things inside a car that has been around the Sun twenty-four times. Vacuuming, scrubbing, polishing; and then taking stuff out and vacuuming, scrubbing, and polishing some more; over and over. Finally, I found leather, and carpet, and steel, and plastic! Layers and layers of red-clay, mold, mildew, sand, mystery grime, and stink had plagued the interior. Now though, now it is a nice place to be. Still not spotless, but much cleaner than before. I removed all four seats, all consoles, door panels, speakers, and carpets. The seats were polished in the sun with saddle soap. The carpets were hand washed with carpet cleaner, and then pressure washed because they still smelled. All interior parts were cleaned and then polished with leather conditioner.

During the process of cleaning, I gained functionality in:

  • Both electric seats
  • Both electric windows
  • The electric sunroof
  • The glovebox light
  • Digital clock
  • and I replaced several burned fuses